Install Wekan on Kubernetes

How to install Wekan on Kubernetes with use of Helm

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How to Install Wekan on Kubernetes with Helm

This guide will walk you through the process of installing Wekan using Helm, the Kubernetes package manager, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup.


Before we begin, ensure you have the following tools installed and configured:

  • Kubernetes - Installed locally or in a public cloud provider
  • kubectl - Configured to communicate with your Kubernetes cluster
  • Helm - For managing Kubernetes applications like Wekan
  • Kubernetes Ingress controller - For accessing the installation on a url

Step 1: Add the Helm chart repository

First, add the repository containing the Wekan helm chart:

helm repo add wekan
helm repo update
helm search repo wekan

Step 2: Create a namespace (optional)

Isolating applications within Kubernetes namespaces is a good practice. To deploy Wekan in its own namespace:

kubectl create namespace wekan

Step 3: Install Wiki.js using Helm

Now, you'll install Wekan. The helm chart name is "wekan":

helm install wekan wekan/wekan --namespace wekan --create-namespace

Step 4: Verify the installation

After installation, verify that your Wiki.js deployment is running smoothly:

kubectl get pods --namespace wekan
kubectl get all --namespace wekan

Step 5: Customize the Wekan installation (optional)

This process may require customizing your deployment through a customized values.yaml file, which specifies configuration options.

helm install wekan wekan/wekan --values values.yaml --namespace wekan

Step 6: Access Wiki.js

Accessing Wiki.js will depend on your chosen service configuration (LoadBalancer, NodePort, or Ingress). For Ingress access, ensure an Ingress controller is operational in your cluster.

Follow the instructions in the helm install notes, the output of Step 3.

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